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9 Seater Car Rental in Delhi & Chandigarh

9 Seater Car Rental in Delhi & Chandigarh
  • So if you think a 9 seater car rental in Delhi is perfect to tour around your desired destination

9 Seater Car Rental Service in India

Are you planning a group tour? Well, then you must be thinking about which is the perfect vehicle that will match your needs. Is it so? We get to know all your thoughts, and that is how we take care of your needs. 

If you plan a group tour to any part of North India, a 9 seater car rental in Delhi & Chandigarh is the best bet. Delhi has good connectivity to other parts of North India and has the best car rental companies. Among the car rental companies in Delhi, Japji Travel has years of experience and offers outstanding service. 

Comfortable journey of 9 seater car

One thing that pricks your mind while travelling is the comfort you want to experience. So, if comfort is what you are in search of, then you need to choose transportation accordingly. 

If you are travelling a long journey with a group, then book a 9 seater car for travelling. The vehicles you can hire for group tours are Tempo Traveller, 9 Seater tempo traveller and Kia Carnival

These vehicles are reliable for travelling a long journey and ensure every member is in the best comfort. Nothing can be more relaxing than a 9 seater car rental in Delhi or travelling to other states of North India. 

Best features of 9 seater car

So if you think a 9 seater car rental in Delhi is perfect to tour around your desired destination, you also deserve to know its features. As we discussed earlier, these vehicles are known for their comfort. Other than comfort, there is an arrangement for your entertainment too. 

The best part is if you book a 9 seater tempo traveller, you can enjoy the comfort of Maharaja seats. The tempo traveller has comfortable push-back seats. It will give you a feeling of being seated in a royal place. Moreover, there is an LCD screen to keep you entertained throughout your journey.

There is a music system to tap your feet to your favourite tune. It consists of adjustable air conditioning, an Icebox, a charging point and even a first aid box. So, there are many perks in a 9 seater car rental other than comfort. 

Responsible arrangement

One of the best perks of hiring a reputed car rental service like Japji Travel is that they look after every arrangement professionally. You need to make the booking and relax. Because Japji Travel is aware of all your requirements and plans the perfect trip.

For the best 9 seater car rental in Delhi, contact Japji Travel. Be it for marriage functions, office picnics, or a long tour, they are experts in planning itineraries.

Moreover, they have experienced drivers to help you relish your journey. These drivers have years of experience driving on hilly terrains and city areas. The main thing that haunts us while travelling is whether the driver will take us safely. With Japji Travel, you need not worry because all drivers are well-trained and experienced. 

9 Seater Car Rent In your budget

Let us tell you one of the best reasons to book a 9 seater car rental in Delhi. Well, you must have guessed by now. For the unversed, let's reveal it, Japji Travel is the most budget-friendly car rental service in entire Delhi.

So, why let go of such a good chance? Here you can experience the comfort, trained staff and the best budget.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How long can a 9 seater car be used for the rental purpose?

A1. It depends on you how long you want to use it. You can book rental service for 4 hours and even for 7 days. If you are confused about how long to book, you can discuss calling on car rental services number, and they will guide you and give you the best suggestions.

Q2. Does a 9 seater tempo traveller come with a charging point?

A2. This depends on the company, and which model you are booking. Most tempo travellers have charging points. However, it is better to discuss your needs beforehand, and a charging point is always a comfort when travelling.

Q3. Is it possible to book 9 seated cars online?

A3. Yes, you can book online. The only thing is different companies may have a distinguished policy. So, you can always call on their number and confirm before booking.

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