17 Seater Force Urbania Hire

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    Force Motors

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    17 Seat

  • Driver Charges : 500/-
Extra Things

Client Will Pay All Taxes, Tolls, State Taxes, Parking Charges and 250 Kms Minimum For Outstation Trip

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  • Facility : Air Conditioned, 2 by 1 Push Back Maharaja Seats, Mobile Charging Points, Music System, Ice Box, Ventilated Seats


9,12,17 seater force urbania rental service:

Introduction: Who would not like a comfortable car to drive with their loved ones? If it is with a hire service that offers unparalleled comfort, you will get a thrilling experience! In a capital city like Delhi, only 19.4% of the population own a car, Urbania hire service is a boon. Urbania Rent Delhi's features are tailored to meet the needs of every customer. For local family activities or getaways, there is always a car for you suited for your family. They have seasoned chauffeurs who travel throughout the city at the lowest cost.

Why Urbania rental service?

  • Forced Urbania Rental service has Fantastic interiors and luxurious couches that give travelers inquisitive rides.
  • Comfortable ride due to large head and leg room while going for long tours.
  • The cars have air conditioning, wifi, and entertainment systems, which give a safer and more convenient drive during hot and muddy days.
  • Ergonomically designed seats give an aesthetic look and also a smooth ride. It has excellent suspension. It absorbs excessive external forces exerted due to adverse road conditions.
  • These cars have surprisingly higher engine capacity in these cars, and they offer a mileage of 14 km/hr. How wonderful it would be if you were a car owner who could reduce the overall cost significantly. Offering 115 HP of peak power and 350 NM of torque, it occupies first in the list of rental cars in the capital city.
  • It has every safety feature, like front disk brakes, ABS with EBD airbags, and reverse parking camera required for a rental car,  that makes it incomparable with other rental automobiles.

How can you book Force Urbania rental service?

Force Urbania car hire service is easy to book as they are a call away. Those who want to book a car hire service can book through www.urbaniahire.com. If you face difficulties in booking, you may contact their customer service for help.

Types of trips for which you can hire Urbania rental service supports:

For business trips: Important client meetings or team outings- they have a vehicle suited to the company's needs. It allows the business to decide well in advance their program that helps your business grow through the dealings with clients, partners, and relationships with colleagues. These cars can accommodate many people and allow for cost-sharing among the passengers.

For Corporate trips:  Corporate travelers bring laptops and other essentials for various exhibitions and events. Urbania Rent, Delhi, provides vehicles for corporate trips with extra room for luggage. Corporations don't have to be afraid if any unforeseen circumstances happen. They can report to the rental service, who will take immediate action.

Tempo travelers for tourist services: Tourists in India prefer tempo travelers because of the delightful experience you get. Normally, timetables and routes are not flexible in case you have a different plan. But Force Urbana rental service is so flexible that they have a tailor-made plan for every customer for your expeditions.

Types of Cars available with them:

9 seater force Urbania hire:  With elegant sofa seats and air conditioning, Urbania 9 seater suits a medium-sized group perfectly. They provide the cheapest package suited to customers' pockets. For 8 hours and 80 km, 9 seater force Urbania rental service will charge you Rs. 9,000. For outstation trips, Urbania’s per km charge is Rs. 38. Driver charges will be Rs. 600 for a trip.

 12-seater luxury Maharaja seats Urbania: Enjoy the embodiment of style with our 12-seater Power Urbania, fastidiously intended to make your trip a memory. Drench yourself in the sumptuous feel of our roomy interiors, flaunting more agreeable 1x1 guest plans that reclassify extravagant travel. For a comfortable drive, passengers have push-back seats that provide back and front space for your trip. For 8 hours and 80 km, their charge is Rs. 9,900, and 40 km per hour for outstation trips. The driver charge is Rs.500 for one trip.

17-seater force Urbania: Picking a 17-seater Urbania presents many advantages. It makes it a marvelous choice for trips and expeditions. Our Power Urbania offers rich space and seating. Consequently, going with it is an incredible decision for gatherings or vacations. It is different from other vehicles because it gives adequate space for everybody to sit and relish the excursion. This feature energizes a sensation of closeness but empowers associations and shared minutes throughout the excursion. The Urbania presents a choice of current comforts. It raises the whole getaway insight. Flaunting conveniences, for example, cooling and video frameworks. Likewise, extravagant guest plans guarantee a great excursion. They charge Rs. 11,000 for 8 hours 80 kms. For outstation trips, they charge Rs.60 per km and pay an extra charge of Rs. 600 as a driver fee.

Conclusion: In short, they are the most sought-after rental service in Delhi. Before considering a rental service, every passenger should do research for passenger reviews on the website. Read the contract terms and conditions and decide whether a particular rental service is best suited for you. Force Urbania rental service will be every passenger's preference due to the flexible options like 9, 12, and 17 seaters they have for you.

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